sept 18th- Voodoo Prophet set to play the historic Capitol Theatre in Lebanon, TN 10/11/14!

                            Voodoo Prophet will be playing at the newly reopened Capitol Theatre in Lebanon, TN on October 11th! Check out the Tour Page for the particulars!!

aug 28th- Adrenaline Mob show CANCELLED.

                            We just got word from the promoter that Adrenaline Mob had to pull off the show on 9/10 so Voodoo Prophet will not be playing that night. Sorry guys! Keep an eye on the page for our next date!

august 23rd- Thank you "Kick Ass Bands Filmed from a Cell Phone" for these videos from Voodoo Prophet's show with NOTHING MORE and SLEEPWAVE!

                            Last night's show with Nothing More and Sleepwave was PACKED and HOTTTT! Thanks to our buddy Brian Sisk from "Kick Ass Bands Filmed From a Cell Phone" for shooting some videos from...his cell phone! Check out the videos below and be sure to subscribe to his youtube channel (and ours!!)


Wake Up!

The Destroyer!


aug 10th-Voodoo Prophet set to play with ADRENALINE MOB on 9/10/14!!

                           Adrenaline Mob will be returning to Nashville on 9/10/14 at Exit/In and Voodoo Prophet will be joining! Also performing will be AMob tourmates Bad Seed Rising! Can't wait for this one! Check out the Tour Page for more info!

july 22nd- Check out these killer pics and videos from Voodoo Prophet's show with MACHINE HEAD!

                           The guys had a BLAST with Machine Head and AntiMortem last night at Exit/In! Check out the killer pics below taken by Chris B. from LaVergne and videos by Krystal W. from Lebanon and BigT!! Thanks for sending these in guys!!

The Guys shredding!

D Haff commanding the crowd!

The calm before the storm...


Pit during "Drowning in the Flood"!

The Destroyer! Everybody Clap!



july 14th- Voodoo Prophet to join NOTHING MORE and SLEEPWAVE 8/22 in Nashville!

                           Voodoo Prophet will be joining Nothing More and Sleepwave on August 22nd at The End in Nashville, TN. The band is very happy to finally be on a bill with Nothing More and can't wait for the show! Don't forget, Voodoo Prophet will be playing with Machine Head on July 21st at Exit/In! 



june 10th- Last Day Tracking! Thank you Jim!

                            All good things must come to an end...and so must Voodoo Prophet's second trip to Zing Recording Studios. (Insert Sad Emoticon here). We have had a truly wonderful time with Jim and the whole Zing crew yet again. We love Nashville, but it gets harder to leave this place every time we are here. Still have a lonnnnng night of tracking and editing to go, but we wanted to take a second to publicly thank Jim Fogarty for all the long nights, and hard work he has put into this session! You sir are truly a hardcore mofo to the core and we can't wait to work with you again! Oh...and thanks for putting up with all of the Star Trek jokes...Dammit Jim! Nashville, see you guys in about 36 hours!

june 9th- Bass Tracking!

                            The drum tracks are done and now we start bass! This EP is sounding so heavy already with just the rhythm section down. Can't wait to hear what it sounds like finished!



june 7th- Drum Tracking begins!

                            Man those Bosphorus Cymbals and Evans Heads sound GOOD! Malcom and Jim are hard at work tracking. These drums are sounding HUGE! Here are a couple Instagram shots of what is going on inside! Oh...and Fozzy hard at work...


june 6th- Voodoo Prophet has landed!

                            After almost 20 hours in the van driving through all kinds of horrible weather we finally made it into Westfield early this morning. Got checked into the hotel and headed straight over to get to work! Jim Fogarty and Malcom are getting some KILLER drum sounds!! Check out some shots below! 


june 5th- Massachusetts bound! Zing Recording here we come!

                            Starting the 1,100 mile trip to Westfield, MA to start tracking for the new Voodoo Prophet EP at Zing Recording Studios! We can't wait to get back to our home away from home to do some tracking. Thanks to the folks from JamHub for sending us up there with their JamHub TourBus model! Be sure to check back for more studio updates as they come!

may 25th- Examiner.com interviews Myk about the new EP and more!

                           Examiner.com's Patricia Jones caught up with Voodoo Prophet guitarist Myk Ricci recently to get the 411 on the new Voodoo Prophet EP, as well as, ask some questions about the Human? EP! Check out the interview below or at this link! http://www.examiner.com/article/metal-musings-and-more-interview-with-myk-of-voodoo-prophet


Bringing in a fresh wave of metal from the South comes Nashville, TN’s Voodoo Prophet. These guys combine the elements of hard rock, metal and melodic metal to create a dizzying whirlwind of musical mayhem. Listening to some of their older work it would be easy to categorize them as being in a similar vein to bands like Killswitch Engage, Trivium or early All That Remains, but there’s something there that sets them apart from the fold. Voodoo Prophet recorded their last EP Human? at Zing Recording Studios in Massachusetts where bands like The Devil Wears Prada and All That Remains have also recorded. The band returned to the Zing where they had recorded their last EP Human? to work on their latest effort which was originally titled The Flood. After discovering that Of Mice & Men had also released an EP under the same name not long ago, the band decided to rework the title and is in the middle of tracking and fine tuning the EP. We recently got a chance to talk to guitarist and backing vocalist Myk Ricci about some Voodoo origins, triumphs, and revisiting Human?.

PJ: How did Voodoo Prophet come to be?

MR: Well...Voodoo Prophet started out as a handful of lyrics and a band name scratched into the back pages of a high school math book. (laughs) I started really looking for a band my senior year of high school. I hooked up with a couple and did some shows, but none of them were really doing the kind of stuff I wanted to play. So, I decided to start my own. Enter Voodoo Prophet. The rest of my senior year was spent auditioning band mates, writing songs and trying to avoid that goofy hat on graduation day. (laughs) It took a few years to find the right group of guys, Jason (bass) has been with me pretty much from the beginning.

PJ: What was it like working with Logan Mader on Human?

MR: Working with Logan on the mastering of the Human? EP was a pretty awesome experience. Most of us grew up rocking out to Machine Head, so working with him on a project was pretty killer. Great dude!

PJ: Where does most of your inspiration come from?

MR: Wow. That's a tough one! Without sounding too generic, I would have to say life. Most of the content in our lyrics come from life experience. Whether that is heartbreak, anger, happiness, etc. There is always a specific subject in mind when we write a song, however, we make an effort to leave it open enough for people to interpret it how they want/need to. We aim to move people with our music, so it's just as much the fan's song as it is ours.

PJ: “Human” (title track) is rife with rolling thunder and infectious melodies and riffs paired with vicious vocals. How did you guys go about finding your balance?

MR: “Human” was kind of a science experiment. I had this riff (the main riff) that I was always noodling around with it at rehearsal and one day Malcom (drums) said to me, "Dude, that's a really cool riff. And it's in a weird time signature." I'm very much a student of the old school and a feel oriented guitarist/writer. So, music theory is not my strong suit. I like to groove. The guys all wanted to try writing around this riff in this odd time signature.So, we did, for the first time ever. (laughs) "Human" was also the first song the band had written with real vocal melodies. Everything we had done previously had hinged on heavy vocals.

PJ: The guitar on the EP is really impressive in it’s fluidity and technicality. How do go about honing your technique?

MR: Thank you! Just lots of time working on (my) chops. I'm not the most technical player, like I said I'm the “feel” guy. My main focus is being tight and consistent. Who wants a sloppy sounding record or lazy live show?

PJ: Who are some of your musical heroes?

MR: That's a big list! (laughs) I'd say my biggest influence across the board came from the members of Pantera. Dime, Vinnie, Phil, and Rex. Two of the highest points in my musical career were meeting Vinnie when we played with Hellyeah last Summer, and hanging out with Phil Anselmo after our set with Arson Anthem in 2011. Had you told me when I started the band that a few years later I would be hanging out drinking beer with Phil Anselmo, while he was down on one knee singing Soundgarden to our drummer (who looks like Chris Cornell) I would have called you effing crazy. So many crazy stories from that night!

PJ: What was your first concert?

MR: Buzzfest 2003. Big festival. I remember 3 Days Grace opened, then Powerman 5000 and Mudvayne headlined. Hearing "Dig" live for the first time in a huge outdoor amphitheater changed my entire view of playing music. The way the kick drums hit you in the chest, the guitar blaring... It's really that concert that made me realize I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Being able to play Buzzfest 2010 really brought everything around full circle. Another huge career high for me.

PJ: How does it feel returning to Zing to record?

MR: Returning to Zing is going to be a BLAST! We had such a great time up in Massachusetts last time. We have worked in multi million dollar studios on Music Row in Nashville before, but as nice as they are, they lack the vibe and feel that Zing has. We are excited.

PJ: What, if anything, will be different about the new EP compared to Human?

MR: The new EP is going to be a lot heavier and have a lot more groove. It will still have elements of the Human? sound, but the focus will be on...the groove. We try to do something different with every recording so that our releases don't all run together. Every EP has a theme and a feel to it. Human? Had an aggressive vibe to it, this EP will be a lot darker.

PJ: What can we expect from Voodoo Prophet in future?

MR: Expect a killer new EP and tour dates! (laughs) Once we button up this recording we will be heading out on the road. Right now we have a couple BIG shows in the works for this summer, one of which with Machine Head in Nashville! We also have a music video for "Drowning in the Flood" (single) set to drop in a few weeks. So, keep your eyes on www.voodooprophet.com for more details!


april 21st- Voodoo Prophet set to open for MACHINE HEAD July 21st at Exit/In!

                           We are happy to announce that Voodoo Prophet will be joining MACHINE HEAD and Anti-Mortem for the "Kings and Killer's" tour as it rolls through Nashville! The show will be 18+ and doors will open at 7:00PM on 7/21/14! Tickets are available at the link below!



april 8th- Voodoo Prophet brings home multiple Music City Mayhem Awards!

                           The Music City Mayhem Awards were this past weekend and the guys brought home some gold! Malcom came home with "Best Metal Drummer" and the band won "Best Metal Band"! Thank you to Dungeon Promotions for running such a killer show! Here's to next year's show!


april 4th- Nashville underground metal band VOODOO PROPHET begins tracking NEW EP at ZING RECORDING STUDIOS!

                          Its time for that big announcement we mentioned last week! Check out the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE below!


Nashville Underground Metal Band VOODOO PROPHET Begins Tracking New EP At ZING RECORDING STUDIOS.

If you haven’t heard of the Nashville metal underground’s best kept secret VOODOO PROPHET yet, get ready. The five-piece metal act hailing from Music City, USA is set to begin tracking drums and bass for its sophomore EP, tentatively titled The Flood, this June with legendary Zing Recording Studios in Westfield, MA.

Guitarist Myk Ricci will produce The Flood EP, with engineering from veteran engineer/producer Jim “The Anvil” Fogarty (Killswitch Engage). Zing’s client list includes other bands such as All That Remains, The Devil Wears Prada, Shadows Fall, and many more top selling metal artists. Guitars and vocals for the EP will be tracked back in the band’s local area of Nashville. The Flood EP promises to be the band’s best release to date, chocked full of memorable riffs, catchy hooks and brutal grooves.

The band is running a pre-order for The Flood EP offer at www.voodooprophet.com/preorder. Pre-ordering the new EP will help offset the costs of the recording process, as well as, get you a copy of the EP before its release date later this year!

“Going into this recording, we contacted a lot of different producers and studios about the EP. We actually started pre-production with one really well known, multi-platinum producer, but after we started digging into the songs it became apparent that our musical style didn’t fit his production style. So we started making calls and appointments again and finally decided, let’s just do it ourselves,” states guitarist/producer Myk Ricci. “I co-produced alongside Eric Arena on our last EP and the guys feel that I can lead us into battle this time. The trade-off is that we get to make the fans happy by playing the music they want to hear without having pressure from an A&R team. We had a great time recording at Zing last time and are really looking forward to going back in June to track.”

Similarly, VOODOO PROPHET recorded its debut EP Human? at Zing in 2012 under the tutelage of seasoned producer/engineer Eric Arena (A Day to Remember) with former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader (Five Finger Death Punch) handling mastering duties. Human? made a big splash for the band, landing VOODOO PROPHET on numerous opening slots for bands such as Trivium, Sevendust, Hellyeah, Shadows Fall, God Forbid, GWAR, Falling in Reverse, Straight Line Stitch, and Fight or Flight. The EP also caught the attention of Sirius XM Program Director Jose Mangin, gaining VOODOO PROPHET regular spins on Sirius XM Liquid Metal.

VOODOO PROPHET attributes its steady momentum to hard work, determination and the support of fans, friends, and family. In addition, the band appreciates support from companies like Seymour Duncan Pick Ups, Ethan Hart Guitars, Splawn Amplification, BBE Sound, ISP Technologies, Pedaltrain, Clayton USA, Bosphorus Cymbals, Franklin Strap Co., George L’s Cables and Bestincase Road Cases.

To learn more about VOODOO PROPHET, please visit these websites:


Facebook - www.facebook.com/voodooprophetbrutal

Twitter - www.twitter.com/voodoo__prophet

Reverbnation - www.reverbnation.com/voodooprophet

Youtube - www.youtube.com/voodooprophetmusic

Bandcamp - www.voodooprophet.bandcamp.com

Highlights Reel - http://youtu.be/_3xUq-lUE5U


mar 26th- Long time no speak! HUGE announcement coming 4/3/14!!!

                                        Be ready!


jan 5th-Voodoo Prophet nominated for six Music City Mayhem Awards!

                                      That's right sports fans! Voodoo Prophet has been nominated in SIX categories at this year's Music City Mayhem Awards! Last year the guys walked away with "Best Song" for "Human?".  Check out the image below for the nominations!




jan 1st- Happy New Year!

                         How did you spend your last night of 2013?! We spent it in the studio working on tracks! Keep an eye on the page the next few weeks! There is a LOT going on, huge announcements coming and more! Stay safe! For the next 24 hours take 40% off anything in the merch store using promo code: hungover! www.voodooprophet.bandcamp.com !

december 24th-Happy Holidays from Voodoo Prophet!

                         No matter how you celebrate, or what you believe in please have a fun, SAFE, holiday!! For the next 48 hours enjoy 25% off anything in the merch store using promo code: mircritmus ! www.voodooprophet.bandcamp.com


december 5th- All is quiet on the Voodoo front!

                         Or so it seems! The guys are hard at work doing pre-production on the new EP tentatively titled "The Flood" due late Spring 2014! If you would like to keep up with what the guys are doing, go over to www.facebook.com/voodooprophetbrutal and throw the band a like! And as always...keep an eye on this page for big announcements!

november 22nd- Happy Thanksgiving!

                          Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Voodoo Prophet! Be good to eachother and enjoy your families and friends! For today only enjoy 25% off anything in the merch store using promo code: turkeyday!  www.voodooprophet.bandcamp.com!


november 5th- Voodoo Prophet to headline Ethan Hart Guitars artist showcase!

                          Voodoo Prophet is proud to announce we will be headlining the Ethan Hart Guitars Artist Showcase alongside our friends in Look What I Did! Check out the tour page for all the details! The show will take place on December 14th at Exit/In!

october 21st- Pre-Production like a boss!

                          The guys are hard at work on pre-production for the new EP "The Flood". It looks like the EP may...may...become a FULL LENGTH. We decided to record 3 more songs and after some careful thought we figured...why not make it a full length? So once we finish tracking these other tunes we will make the decision! Until then...enjoy this shot of Malcom editing drums! 

october 15th- Voodoo Prophet and JamHub team up!

                   Remember a few months back when Voodoo Prophet rocked out at the JamHub "JamCamp" booth at NAMM? The guys just got in their new JamHub "TourBus" unit and are ready to start rocking it! What is a JamHub? Go check out the specs at www.jamhub.com to see for yourself. If you would like to see how Voodoo Prophet will be using their unit, check out the "Techies" blog page.

october 7th- Thank you Ride for Dime Nashville!

                   This past weekend's Ride for Dime Nashville ROCKED! Voodoo Prophet had an excellent time throwing down with Sevendust and all the other great bands on the bill. Be on the lookout for more pics and videos from the show! There should be plenty to come. Keep your eyes on the page for updates on when VP will be making its next appearance! For the time being, go check out the awesome shots by Nathan Katsiaficas Photography on the RFD Nashville Pics page!

september 30th- Check out these Behind the Scenes shots from the set of the new music video for "Drowning in the Flood"!

                   Check out these awesome shots from the set of the all new Voodoo Prophet music video for "Drowning in the Flood" from the forthcoming EP "The Flood". Below are a few select shots. The high-res versions can be found on the "Drowning in the Flood Video Shoot" page. Enjoy! 


september 20th-Thank you Luc Carl and Sirius/XM!

                   The interview was a blast! If you missed the interview be sure to make it out to Ride for Dime Nashville so that you can meet Luc Carl yourself as he will be one of MANY special guests! Check out the killer pic (Courtesy of Mr. Chad Lee) below of Myk and Luc in the Sirus/XM studios!

september 18th- Voodoo Prophet guitarist Myk Ricci will be on Sirius/XM Ozzy's Boneyard Friday afternoon!

                       Everyone be sure to tune into Sirius/XM ch. 38 Friday to hear Myk chat with Luc Carl about Voodoo Prophet, Ride for Dime and more! The interview will air between 12PM and 1PM Central time!


september 1st -Thank you Exit/In!

                       The show with Fight or Flight and Mindset Evolution was great! Both bands are phenomenal live and Voodoo Prophet looks forward to jamming with them again in the future. Here is a shot from last night's show!

august 21st  -Voodoo Prophet joins ISP TECHNOLOGIES artist roster!

                       Wow! August seems to be Endorsement month around here! Anyone who has ever seen Voodoo Prophet live knows how insanely tight the stops, chunks, and grooves are in the VP set A bit of that is the band's ninja-like musical skills, but an equally important part of that is ISP TECHNOLOGIES. When you are playing High Gain amps like the SPLAWN NITRO with extremely hot pick ups like the SEYMOUR DUNCAN BLACKOUTS in a crazy hot guitar like the ETHAN HART EH2/EH4 you have to have something to reign in all that awesome (and noise!)! ISP's Decimator noise reduction unit does just that! Hands down the BEST noise gate on the market! It cuts out unwanted noise without destroying your sustain and playability! If you play high gain...you have to have a Decimator! The unit comes in many different permutations including a pedal version. Myk and Chris are currently using the Decimator Pro Rack G Stereo Mod version! Pretty much the Cadillac of Noise Gates! Go check out the ENDORSEMENTS page and click on the ISP logo to check out their site!

august 15th -Voodoo Prophet to play 3 Minutes to Live return show on 9/06/13!

                       Voodoo Prophet will be playing a local show with our friends in 3 Minutes to Live, Mindset Defect and Killing Grace! The show will be at the Rutledge on 9/06/13! For more information go check out the TOUR page!!! Check out the killer flyer below from Andy May!


august 12th -Voodoo Prophet joins BOSPHORUS CYMBALS artist roster!!

                       Remember that photo we posted during NAMM week with Malcom checking stuff out at the Bosphorus booth at NAMM?? That turned into an endorsement! We can't wait to get the new cymbals in and on Malcom's kit!! They should be here just in time to record the new album "The Flood" ! Everyone go over to the ENDORSEMENTS page and click on the Bosphorus logo to check out their site!!! And in case you missed it last month...here is a killer show of Malcom at the Bosphorus booth at NAMM!


august 9th - Voodoo Prophet to open for FIGHT OR FLIGHT on 8/25/13!!

                       Voodoo Prophet is happy to announce the band will be jamming with none other than FIGHT OR FLIGHT on 8/25/13! If you don't know who FoF is (which you should!) then check out the video below. Fight or Flight is the new project from DISTURBED guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren! Also a part of the mix is EVANS BLUE singer Dan Chandler! Also on the bill is MINDSET EVOLUTION. You have probably heard them on Sirius/XM's OCTANE ch. 37! Be sure to check these guys out at the show, they rock! For more information go over to the TOUR page!



august 8th -Voodoo Prophet joins BBE SOUND artist roster!

                      That's right! Voodoo Prophet is now officially a part of the BBE SOUND family of artists! BBE's Sonic Maximizer unit has always been a part of VP guitarists Myk and Chris' live rigs and studio set up via the new BBE Sonic Maximizer plug in! Be on the look out for a "Rig Rundown" in the next few weeks with the guys showcasing their BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i units! Also go over to the ENDORSEMENTS page and click on the BBE Logo to check out their site!!



august 6th -Major show announcement coming this week!!!

                           Can't say too much about it just yet besides...this is going to be KILLER! Check back this week to get the scoop! Until then... have you gotten your tickets for our show with Sevendust on October 5th in Nashville?? Go over to our Facebook page and do so now! This show WILL SELL OUT! 

august 5th -Voodoo Prophet to headline Nashville Amp Expo on 9/07/13!

                       Voodoo Prophet has been confirmed to be headlining the Lounge Stage on the 2013 Nashville Amp Expo on 9/07/13! The expo will be held 9/6-9/8 at Hotel Preston in Nashville, TN. The entire hotel has been rented out and EVERY ROOM will feature a different company showcasing their newest and best gear! Best part? It is open to the public and FREEEEE! There are multiple stages featuring a wide variety of music being set up throughout the hotel. Voodoo Prophet will be on the Lounge Stage! So be sure to come check us out at 9PM, for FREE! Below is the ad from the Amp Expo Show Guide!

august 3rd -Thank you RFD Philly!!

                            Just got to Rho Waterfront and are about to load in. If you haven't gotten your tickets to tonight's show there are still some left,  but parking is being diverted to another lot! There is a line around the parking lot already! We got switched from opening to playing after God Forbid tonight, so be sure to grab a Monster and stick around!!

Update #1- Merch is set up! Thank you WSOU 89.5FM for the killer schwag for the merch booth!


Update #2 -What an AWESOME night! Just got off stage and decided to throw a quick update on here! Be on the look out for pics and video from the show!! Including a KILLER cover of "A New Level" by Pantera featuring Voodoo Prophet with Jose Mangin and J from Thy Will Be Done!! Was great to see Shadows Fall and God Forbid again. Stoked to have finally played with GF and TWBD! Time to load up and hit the road!! Until then, enjoy this pic from Shadows Fall's set!


august 2nd - Sorry NYC :(

                      Due to circumstances beyond our control on the promoter's side of things...we won't be performing in NYC tonight. Majorly bummed about that. We WILL be back to NYC soon to make it up to you guys though. Since we already have our train tickets and Metro cards we are just going to go be tourists for the day/night! So keep an eye on the page for updates and if you want to come hang with us...just follow the trail of photos and debauchery!!!

Update #1 - We decided to take the opportunity to go visit our friends at WSOU 89.5 FM on our way to the train station. They are NJ's ONLY all metal station! If you live in the area...keep an ear out for some Voodoo Prophet on WSOU ;) On a side note, it still trips me out to see all the Fall Out Shelters in the North East. Saw a ton of them in MA last summer. Sobering reminder of the world we live in now. - mYk

Update#2 - Just got off the train and made our way through Penn Station! About to head across the street and visit our friends at Fuse!

Update #3 - Just met some of our NYC fans in Times Square! Really awesome to have people recognize you in a place you have never been before!! Lucky for them we had some Voodoo Prophet schwagggg. Going to go check out the naked street performers in Body Paint then heading down to the theater district! Be sure to check out the Facebook page for some candid shots...you don't want to miss them... it's the YOLOpocalypse :)


Update #4 - Authentic NY pizza. Yes please. It's almost time for our interview on Sirius/XM ch. 40! So quit reading this update and go tune in! Hah. We will be enjoying this MASSIVE pizza until you get back from listening!!


Update #4 - The facebook page has been blowing up with likes and messages...guess that means you guys enjoyed the interview!? Hopefully you guys enjoyed it more than I am enjoying this subway ride to Central Park...I hate subways...-mYk

Update # 5- Ok guys and girls, last update of the evening from our NYC trip. We had a blast roaming the streets the last 9 hours, but it is time to head back to Jersey and hit the ol' hotel hay. Have to get up and rock for you guys at RFD Philly tomorrow! But as a parting gift to NYC we decided to stop by Central Park and clean it up! Behold the KINGS OF TRASH MOUNTAIN! See you tomorrow at Rho! - mYk


august 1st - Jose Mangin of Sirius/XM LiquidMetal interviews Voodoo Prophet!

                      Wow! What a night!! Just got done doing an interview with Jose Mangin after our set at Dingbatz! The interview will air tomorrow night (8/02) after the Devil's Dozen countdown on LiquidMetal channel 40 on Sirius/XM! Listen in to hear about the NEW EP ("The Flood") coming this winter and more! Jose will also be debuting Voodoo Prophet on Sirius/XM with "Wake Up" from the "Human?" EP!! Be sure to get those requests in for Voodoo Prophet in the coming weeks to keep us in rotation! See you guys tomorrow night in NYC!


july 17th - Voodoo Prophet to play Dingbatz "HardAttack Thursdays" 2 year anniversary show with Generation Kill 8/01 in Clifton, NJ!

                      Holy Epic metal Batman! Voodoo Prophet is stoked to be a part of Digbatz' HardAttack Thursdays 2 year anniversary with GENERATION KILL! We have been wanting to play with G.K for a while now! I mean come on, it's ROB DUKES from EXODUS!! Will be awesome to see our friend Jose Mangin from Sirius/XM again to! Be sure to check out the tour page for more info on the show!!


july 15th -Check out the NEW pro-shot "Bide My Time" Live video!

                           Special thanks goes out to "Human?" video director Matt Crum for this AWESOME footage shot at our nearly sold out show at Exit/In this past May. Not bad for a "from the stage" angle. The audio came straight from our Zoom Recorder sitting on the mixing console. No re-track b.s here!!! "Bide My Time" is one of the new tracks from our forthcoming NEW EP "The Flood". Coming Winter 2013. We are SUPER excited to share some of the music from the new EP, so...here ya go!!



july 14th - Thank you Exit/In and THC!

                           As always Voodoo Prophet had a killer time throwing down with the THC boys! Was also great playing with Eve to Adam, awesome dudes. Be sure to check back on the page tomorrow for a special update!! 


july 13th - NAMM Day #3

                      We had a BLAST the last two days at NAMM. Today is going to be another awesome day of gear and good friends! Looking forward to our performance at the JamHub JamCamp today!!

Update #1 - Decided to drop by the George L's booth and say hello before we headed over to JamCamp! These are hands down the BEST cables I have ever used! I highly suggest you get some yourself!!! - mYk


Update #2 - Thank you JamCamp! Nothing like throwing down some metal on Fender gear *gag* hahaha. We had a blast though. Seems like the crowd that gathered around enjoyed it too! - Chris \m/


Update #3 - Just stopped by the Bosphorus Cymbals booth to check out some amazing Turkish made cymbals! These things sound amazing! - Malcom


july 12th - NAMM Day #2

                           Day 1 was AWESOME! Met some really cool new people and checked out some KILLER new gear. Don't be surprised if you don't see some new stuff on the Voodoo Prophet stage this summer! Keep an eye on the page for updates from today!

 Update #1 - Just stopped by the Gibson USA Booth to check out the new Jason Hook Signature Explorer. Anyone that knows me (mYk) knows that I am an explorer fiend! The guitar played pretty awesome! I can't wait until my EH5 comes in from Ethan Hart so I can start playing a crazy shaped guitar again. Was good seeing our old pal Aljon Go. Been a minute!- mYk


Update #2 -Having a blast today! Just checked out some new products from the good people of Peterson. These guys make the BEST tuners on the market! I'm eyeballing their rack unit tuner! - Chris

Update #3  -Day 2 is coming to a close, going to check out a couple more booths before they start running people out for the day. But before we go, here is an awesome pic at the Pedaltrain booth!

july 11th - NAMM Day #1!

                     Just got to the new Music City Center in Nashville! Snagging the free wifi in the business center to throw a quick post up before we head into the show. Be sure to come by the George L's (#1418), Pedaltrain (#1048), and CAD Audio (#900A) booths to say hi! We'll be around throughout the day! Enjoy the view, there won't be too many pics with the updates on the inside. Since it's a trade show and we don't have photo credentials they frown on snapping pics!

 Update #1 -At the JamHub booth (#1058). If you haven't checked out JamHub's stuff I highly suggest you go down to Sam Ash Music in Madison and do so! Their JamHub units are killer! I think we have FINALLY found an In Ear mixing rig that we like!!! Annnnnnd we were just asked to come back Saturday to do a set using their gear! So bring your asses out on public day and catch some Voodoo Prophet at NAMM!!! Wooo! - mYk

 Update# 2 - Pedals, pedals, pedals! Just checked out some new pedals from Pigtronix, Empress, and Earthquaker. So much awesome! Pedal nerds would be drooling over these stompboxes at Empress. Hoping we can get our hands on some of these before we head out for our Shadows Fall shows! - Chris

Update #3 - Got a pic at the D'Addario/ProMark/Evans booth! Looking forward to checking out the new strings, sticks and heads they have coming out! Will be trying them out at rehearsal tonight. - Dr. Malcom

july 10th -NAMM Pre Party Day!

                     One of the greatest things about living in Nashville, TN is that we get to see all of our industry family each summer during NAMM week! Today Voodoo Prophet will be attending the Artist Relations Gear Preview, then heading over to the annual D'Addario/ProMark/Evans party across town! Be on the lookout for updates and photos from today/tonight's events! Also be sure to come check us out Thursday and Friday at NAMM if you have a badge, or on Saturday when the show opens to the public! You can find us at the George L's (#1418) and Pedaltrain (#1048) booths! Come say hi!

Update #1 - Having a GREAT time so far at the Artist Relations Gear Preview! We just left the CAD Audio booth and WOW...their new line of headphones are insane! Whether you are a consumer just rocking music on your iPhone or a serious recording engineer, these things are BEAST. Can't wait to get ours in!!!! Here's a pic that Artist Relations just snapped of us with CAD-mYk


Update #2 - Did someone say free food?? Trying out all this new gear works up an appetite! Derek seems to be enjoying the party...and the munchdown! - Chris


Update #3 - Cheers from the D'Addario party! The folks at D'Addario, Evans and Pro Mark have some BRUTAL new stuff coming out this season! You guys that play are going to LOVE IT. Having a blast with our industry family here, Keith Urban's band is about to take the stage! Just chowed down on some Jack's BBQ and tasty adult beverages from the open bar! - mYk

Update #4 - That was fun!!! Voodoo Prophet just got off stage! The guys from Keith's Band just pulled us up on stage to do a little impromptu metal!!!! Brooooootal! Rad photo by our guitar tech Adam Zer0. This will be the last update tonight, be sure to keep an eye on the page tomorrow for updates from NAMM Day 1!! - mYk


july 2nd -   Voodoo Prophet joins GEORGE L'S CABLES artist roster!!

                     Tis the season for endorsements! Wooo! Voodoo Prophet is stoked to announce that we are now officially a part of the George L's Cables artist roster!! Chris, Jason and Myk have been long time users of the George L's brand and are excited to be a part of the family. When your tone matters, you need great cables, and there are none better than George L's! Click on the image below or check out the ENDORSEMENTS page to get yourself some of their stellar cables!!


june 30th - First acoustic show success! Check out the video below!!

                         As a metal band the prospect of an acoustic show can be a little daunting. How do you condense 200+ BPM hexikicks, distorted guitars, gutteral screams and grinding bass into a little wooden box? Well, we still aren't sure, but we had a hell of a time doing it! Check out the video below of Voodoo Prophet performing an acoustic version of "Human?" and a brand new song called "Frostbitten". Check out the Voodoo Prophet Facebook page for another video from the set of VP playing a cover of Staind's "Epiphany". Enjoy and be sure to get your tickets for July 14th's show with Texas Hippie Coalition at Exit/In in Nashville! It's our last hometown show before we head out for our Shadows Fall dates!

"Human?" Acoustic Version at Local Buzz Live (live broadcast on 102.9 the Buzz)


"Frostbitten" Acoustic Version at Local Buzz Live (Live broadcast on 102.9 the Buzz)



june 26th - VoodooDollz!! Want to be one?!

                         Today marks the launch of the official VOODOODOLLZ page here on VoodooProphet.com! What/Who are the VoodooDollz?! Click on the image below to find out!!


june 25th - Thank you Exit/In and Straight Line Stitch!

                    Last night's show was a great one! Was nice to finally get to share the stage with STRAIGHT LINE STITCH! We have had many "almost" shows with them over the last few years. Always ended up a bust due to scheduling issues or venue problems! Was great to finally jam with them. Also thank you Benji Brown for bringing us in on the fun! Be on the look out for pics and videos from the show!! Until then, here is an awesome pic of Voodoo Prophet frontman Derek Haffner with Alexis and the guys/girls of SLS!



june 9th - Voodoo Prophet set to headline LOCAL BUZZ LIVE 06/30/13 with first ever ALL ACOUSTIC SET!!

                                  Wow! What a HUGE week for show announcements! Voodoo Prophet has been asked to headline 102.9 the Buzz's LOCAL BUZZ LIVE on June 30th at Pour House Nashville hosted by 102.9's Hunter Briley!! This event will be Voodoo Prophet's FIRST EVER all acoustic show! The best part about it...it's FREE!! So come out, have a couple beers, and watch us play the metalz on the granzpawz guitarz! If you can't make it out, which you totally suck if you cant :), you can tune in and listen LIVE on 102.9 FM OR if you aren't in the listening area you can tune in for the live broadcast on www.1029thebuzz.com with their live feed!! Also appearing will be our pals from Opossum Holler, Black Market Research and For Lack of Lithium! Check out the tour page for more information!!



june 5th - Voodoo Prophet to play with STRAIGHT LINE STITCH 06/24/13!!

                                  The shows just keep on coming!! Voodoo Prophet is proud to announce we will be playing with STRAIGHT LINE STITCH at Exit/In on June 24th! Also appearing will be The Advocate Project! This show is being presented by Benji Brown Booking! For more information please go check out the tour page or click the flyer below to go to the official Facebook event page!!




may 31st - Voodoo Prophet to play with TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION 07/14/13!!!

                                  Voodoo Prophet has been confirmed to once again join TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION on stage on July 14th at Exit/In in Nashville. If you missed the last show in November, you DON'T want to miss this one! The THC boys always throw down and we are stoked to be jamming with them, and our new friends Revengence from TX! Hit up the tour page for more details!




may 24th -Voodoo Prophet pays tribute to JEFF HANNEMAN at Exit/In with Hellyeah.

                            Voodoo Prophet paid tribute to fallen metal icon JEFF HANNEMAN last night on stage during our performance with Hellyeah. Everyone in VP grew up listening to Slayer and felt we owed it to Jeff to do something special. Check out the video below. This is a "Sound Board" video, the full HD version we filmed will be up in the weeks to come.


may 15th - Voodoo Prophet joins PEDALTRAIN/PROSTAGE GEAR Artist Roster!!!

                           If you have been up front at a Voodoo Prophet show you have probably noticed one of the guys' PEDALTRAIN Pedal Boards! Myk, Chris and Fozzy have been longtime users of Pedaltrain's amazing product line and are proud to now be an official part of the family. Below is a shot of Myk's board. The BBE Pedal has since been replaced by another killer Mooers pedal! Click on the Pedaltrain Logo below to go check out some of PT's killer gear! Or visit the Endorsement page!!




 may 11th - Thank you Exit/In!

                          Last night's headlining show at Exit/In in Nashville was killer! One of the best headlining home-town shows we have ever had! Packed house! Was the first night with our new stage scrims and back drop! More pics and videos to come from the show, but for now, here are a couple from Chad Lee of www.rockconcertfotos.com and Tia Adams of Torque Images!! Don't forget to check Voodoo Prophet out May 23rd at Exit/In with HELLYEAH!




may 3rd - Voodoo Prophet signs on for direct support with HELLYEAH in Nashville on 5/23!

                               This summer keeps getting more and more EPIC! Voodoo Prophet just got the call about a DIRECT SUPPORT position with HELLYEAH in Nashville, TN on May 23rd at the Exit/In! We are all insanely excited to be playing a show with the guys! Anyone that has followed Voodoo Prophet over the years knows just how HUGE Pantera was as an influence to us. So getting to rock out with Vinnie Paul is going to be KILLER! We got to play with Phil Anselmo back in 2010, so now we just have to track down REX!! Click the image below to go to the event page for the show on Facebook and get tickets! We will be giving away a pair of tix to the show at our headlining date in Nashville May 10th!! Getcha HELLYEAH!


april 29th - Thank you Birmingham!

                         Tonight's show with FALLING IN REVERSE and AMERICAN FANGS was killer! We just got all packed up and ready to hit the road so this will be a short update! Thanks so much for the love Birmingham! We will be back in August! Keep an eye out on the page for pictures and videos from the show! Until then...here is one at the merch booth with some new fans and one from the crowd!




april 23rd - Thank you to all that rocked with us at GWAR!

                          We had such a killer time throwing down with GWAR and WILSON last night at Marathon Music Works in Nashville! Great fans, great bands, and a great venue! Be on the look out for videos and pics from the show!!! Officially the MOST BRUTAL circle pit of the concert season so far during "Drowning in the Flood"!! Birmingham fans! We will see you in a week! Here is a candid shot from the merch booth by Chad Lee (cell phone image, hi res shots soon!) of some new fans rocking their Gwar-blood covered Voodoo Prophet Chestburster shirt! (available for $15 in the "Store" section ;)



april 22nd - Voodoo Prophet to join GWAR on stage tonight! Last minute show!

                           This just in!!! Voodoo Prophet has been asked to open the show tonight with the legendary monsters from outer space GWAR at Marathon Music Works in Nashville!! This was a last minute show so sorry we didn't tell you guys about it sooner! We have to go get ready so be sure to check back this week for photos and videos from the show!! For more information on the show please visit the tour page!



april 22nd - Voodoo Prophet joins BESTINCASE Road Cases artist roster!

                                Wow! It's like Christmas in Jul...wait...MAY!! Voodoo Prophet is happy to announce we are now a part of the BESTINCASE Road Cases artist roster. The crew over at BIC RC hooked Chris and Myk up with some KILLER new live in road cases for their Splawn Nitro's. Be sure to mosey on over to the "Endorsements" page and click on their photo to check out some more of their great products. In fact, while you are there why don't you check out the other companies we work with! (Seymour Duncan, Ethan Hart Guitars, Splawn Amps, Clayton Picks)! Check out the guys' cases below!




april 18th, - Voodoo Prophet joins CLAYTON CUSTOM PICKS artist roster!

                                Voodoo Prophet is proud to announce joining the CLAYTON CUSTOM PICKS family of artists! Other artists on the roster include: We Came As Romans, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Steve Stevens, and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D!!! Keep an eye out on this summer's "Welcome to the Apocalypse 2013 tour" for the Voodoo Prophet signature tour picks!! (Seen below!!)



april 17th - Voodoo Prophet adds HUGE date in New Jersey for 8/01/2013!! But...

                                        ...We can't tell you about it yet!!! Be on the lookout for the details about this show!!!! You will NOT wanna miss out!! Until then...have you checked out the Merch Page?!?!?!



april 14th -"Human?" wins "Best Metal Song" at Music City Mayhem Awards!

                                       Voodoo Prophet is proud to have been awarded "Best Metal Song" for "Human?" at the 2013 Music City Mayhem Awards. The show last night was a lot of fun and we thank everyone that supports us! You guys made it possible! Below are a couple shots from VP's acceptance speech and a VERY candid shot of Jason, Myk, and Derek taking a shot from the trophy's little shot glass! More like taking a shower from it! Ha! 



april 4th - Voodoo Prophet join SHADOWS FALL and THY WILL BE DONE in Philadelphia, PA 8/03/2013!!!

                                The tour dates keep racking up! Voodoo Prophet is set to join SHADOWS FALL and THY WILL BE DONE in the city of brotherly love on Sat. 8/03! This will be the Philadelphia Ride for Dime show! Be on the look out for more tour date announcements for dates in New Jersey and NYC!!



mar 27th - Voodoo Prophet to join SHADOWS FALL in Chicago, IL  7/20/2013!

                                Voodoo Prophet will be joining SHADOWS FALL on July 20th, 2013 in Chicago, IL as part of Ride for Dime Chicago! The guys will be co-headlining alongside Shadows Fall doing a mixture of the original material you all know and love and some killer Pantera tracks to pay tribute to the pink beard in the sky! Voodoo Prophet will take the stage after Shadows Fall's set to throwdown! You never know who might jump up to join in on the madness! ;) More details of this show can be found on the "Tour" page!!



mar 15th - Voodoo Prophet begins pre-production on next EP!!

                                Wait a sec! Didn't you guys just release an EP in November??? Why yes we did! And for the next few months that is the EP we will be touring in support of. But as an independent band you have to always been thinking ahead and planning your next move so you don't end up with grass growing under your feet! The yet-to-be titled EP will be the second installment in support of Voodoo Prophet's debut album "Welcome to the Apocalypse". For those that don't know, "Welcome to the Apocalypse" will be comprised of three EPs, each with their own theme. We don't want to call them "Concept" EPs, but you get the idea! The "Human?" EP contains songs written about personal struggle. The tracks subtly cover emotional, romantic, spiritual, and  physical struggle. The next EP will be of a darker subject matter and as a result...much heavier!!! Check back often for more information on the next EP!



feb 27th - New "Human?" Chestburster shirts now available!

                                        Hot off the presses! Go to the "Store" page to get yourself a brand new "Chestburster" shirt in support of the new EP "Human?"!!! Available in White, Black, OD Green, and Light Pink. This killer design by Steven Danielson has been digitally printed in all of it's gory, full color glory on a fitted Gildan G64000 designer T! Available in Men's and Women's styles! Best part...for a limited time they are only $10!!! Get yours today!!!




feb 18th - Voodoo Prophet to headline "Road to Ride for Dime" band battle!

                                 Who doesn't love a good Battle of the Bands?! Voodoo Prophet has been asked to headline Ride for Dime Nashville's "Road to Ride for Dime" band battle! 9 bands will compete for a spot opening for Voodoo Prophet and two yet-to-be announced National Acts at Ride for Dime 2013 in Nashville this Fall! The guys will be perform a 50 minute set after the contestants wrap up! Check the "Tour" page for more details!



feb 14th - Voodoo Prophet signs endorsement deal with Ethan Hart Guitars!!

                                Happy Valentines Day! Voodoo Prophet guitarists Chris Lancy and Myk Ricci are now officially members of the Ethan Hart Guitars artist roster. Ethan Hart is the innovative new guitar line by industry heavyweight GREG BENNETT. The guys are STOKED to be a part of the family and absolutely LOVE the guitars. Chris will be playing the EH4 model, and Myk the yet-to-be released EH5-BK (Prototype shown below in the photo). Currently Myk will be using and abusing the EH2-QTR until the EH5 arrives. For more information on Ethan Hart Guitars please visit the Endorsement" section of the page here and click on the Ethan Hart Logo!




jan 26th - Official "Human?" Music Video debut!!

                                Today is the day we have been waiting for the last 2 months! The NEW music video for "Human?" has arrived! Directed and edited by Matthew Crum. Be sure to share this with all your friends!!!




jan 14th -Voodoo Prophet to be interviewed on 102.9 the Buzz Mar 24th!

                               Be sure to tune in to 102.9 on March 24th! Voodoo Prophet will be taking over the airwaves for the night! VP will be hanging with our good pal Tony Stone and talking about everything from the new EP and last year's STELLAR concert schedule, to recording in Massachusetts at Zing and the crazy antics that occurred throughout! You DON'T wanna miss this one! You can listen live on 102.9 FM (for those of you in the broadcast area) or live streaming on www.1029thebuzz.com from anywhere! And for those of you streaming, 102.9 has killer streaming service, so no drop outs or poor signal! Be sure to call in, email, and post to the Local Buzz Facebook throughout the week and especially on Sunday nights during the Local Buzz show!

Call at (615) 737 - 1029, email tony@1029thebuzz.com, or click the photo below to be linked to the Local Buzz Facebook page!        




jan 5th - Voodoo Prophet returns to SAM ASH NASHVILLE Feb 1st!!

                          That's right sports fans! Voodoo Prophet will be doing it's first performance of 2013 at Sam Ash Music in Nashville!  We all had such a great time last year, we decided to do it again. What better way to ring in the New Year than starting off playing a show at the GREATEST music store in the land? For over 80 years Sam Ash Music has provided the latest and greatest musical equipment around. All the while supporting independent music! So come celebrate this heritage with us on FEB 1st! There will be more information on the tour page. But it is ALL AGES, and...FREE!!!! Voodoo Prophet will have copies of the new EP available and some cool new VP swag. And for THIS SHOW ONLY you can snag a copy of the EP for just $5. If you want the guys will even sign it for ya! Tell all your friends and check out the "Tour Page" for more info! Oh, and we will be making a HUGE show announcement at Sam Ash, so don't miss out ya hear?! Click on the flyer to go join the event on Facebook!


jan 2nd - Murfreesboro Pulse reviews new "Human?" EP!

                          Check out the Murfreesboro Pulse's review of Voodoo Prophet's new EP "Human?" at the link below or in the "Press Section"! Thanks to everyone at the Pulse for their support!




jan 1st - Happy New Year!!!

                      Hope everyone had a fun and SAFE New Years Eve! We had an awesome time here at the Voodoo Prophet camp! Voodoo Prophet had a GREAT 2012. So many great memories. Playing with Trivium and Shadows Fall, Headlining Ride For Dime alongside David Allan Coe and Soil, throwing down with Texas Hippie Coalition, recording our NEW EP at ZING!!!! Such a killer year. So here's 3 cheers to 2013 and all the wonderful things we have lined up for you!! Big announcements coming this month!!! Until then, enjoy this snapshot from last night's festivities!




dec 21st - Happy Apocalypse Day...wait...we're still here?!

                         Remind me to never listen to another Mayan inspired prophecy again! Sheesh! Here at the VoodooCompound we were ready for a full on Zombie filled Apocalypse. Oh well, maybe next time! but...seeing as how you are already here and survived the apocalypse...here are some more stills from the video shoot!

           I see thorns...what do you see?? Killer photo by Kayla Appalsammy


      Why sooooooo serious?!!?! Candid shot by Kayla Appalsammy


                    Monster anyone?? Shot by Chad Lee!


dec 19th - That's a wrap! Voodoo Prophet finishes principal photography on new "Human?" music video!

                        Just shy of midnight the guys (and girls!) finished up principal photography for the new video for Voodoo Prophet's first single "Human?"! This video is going to blow everyone away. It is breath taking yet brutal at the same time. Without giving too much away...it is going to be a...bloody good time! Be sure to check back frequently here at voodooprophet.com for teaser images from the shoot. The video is set for release sometime in mid January. Voodoo Prophet would like to thank everyone that was involved with the production! Brittany, Jeremiah, Matt, Hunter, Angela, Bryan, Chad, Sami, Kayla, Linda, you guys all rock and made the shoot a breeze! Also, be sure to check out the photo section this week. Our good pal Chad Lee (rockconcertfotos.com) was on site shooting stills! Everyone take care and lets hope the Mayans were wrong! Check out these shots from the day portion of the shoot!

      Cast, Crew and Band shot by Chad Lee!

      Killer band shot by Chad Lee!


nov 20th - Thank you 12th and Porter!

                    Thank every one of you that came out on a Monday night to see Voodoo Prophet and Texas Hippie Coalition! We had such a great time rocking out with those guys! Great dudes! Was also nice to see so many of our friends in attendance! Our pal Chad Lee (www.rockconcertfotos.com) came out and snapped a couple shots of us. Click on the photos below to go to his web site and check out some of the work he has done! You may know some of the bands...not sure...Pantera, Slayer, Black Label, Ozzy, Lamb of God...Ya know just a couple up and comers...! Be sure to buy some prints while you are there. Would also like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Be good to eachother and don't kill anyone on Black Friday! Enjoy the shots from the show! Will also be posting a couple videos below! Please like, share, and comment on them!





nov 16th - Voodoo Prophet to open for TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION!!

                        We are definitely not Pissed off and Mad about it!! Voodoo Prophet is happy to announce the band has been added as direct support for the bad boys from Texas known as TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION! THC has been making a name for themselves on the underground metal circuit the last few years opening for such bands as LYNYRD SKYNYRD, SAVING ABEL, and many others! THC is also a fellow Ride For Dime veteran headlining on Texas' dates and appeared on the Jerry Springer Show (Performing!)! If you haven't checked them out, watch the youtube video below! The show will be at 12th and Porter in Nashville, TN, 0n 11/19/12. $10, 18+ check the tour page for more info!




nov 13th - Release day!!! Thank you Itunes for dropping the ball!!

                        It's release day for the "Human?" EP! Leave it to Apple to fumble the ball though! Looking for the new EP on Itunes? You won't find it there for at least another two weeks thanks to Apple's new "Random Media Screening" process. A select number of submissions get put through a 16 day screening process for quality.  "Human?" ended up being that "random" selection. It's ok though! We didn't need those thousands of dollars of promo for the release date :) Do not fear though! Amazon did NOT drop the ball, so you can pick up your copy there if you don't want to wait on Itunes! Just follow the link below or to Itunes and search "Voodoo Prophet". How sad is it that MYSPACE even released the EP on time and Itunes didn't?? This kids, is why the members of Voodoo Prophet all have Droids! :)  The EP is available for streaming on SPOTIFY, LASTFM and about a dozen other sites! Check them out! Click the image below to go to the Amazon Music store and get the new EP!





oct 30th - Pre-Order the "Human?" EP NOW at bandcamp.com and get the first single immediately!!! 

                       The "Human?" EP is officially available for pre-order on bandcamp.com for just $5! If you pre-order your copy (releasing on 11/13/12) you will receive the title track/first single "Human?" immediately for download! This pre-order is for both digital download ($5) or a hard copy ($8)! If you buy the hard copy you will receive a download of the EP on 11/13 to hold you over until the hard copy's ship out mid December! Click the image below to pre order now!!




oct 15th - "Human?" EP gets a release date!

                    It's been in the works for the last 6 months and now it is almost here! The highly anticipated new Voodoo Prophet EP "Human?" will be released digitally on Tuesday November 13th, 2012! Pre Orders will be available through BandCamp (see link below) starting On Halloween Wednesday October 31st! Why would you want to go and preorder the EP? Every pre order ($5.00) will come with an immediate download of the first single/title track "Human?" A link will then be emailed to you on the release date (11/13/12) with the other tracks and a whole heap of bonus goodies! Including: Unreleased Album Concept art, 11x17 "Pre Order only" Voodoo Prophet poster, interviews with the band, and much more! But that is only if you pre order! For the Itunes Junkies out there, the EP will be available 11/13/12 in your favorite Apple based store! 

Pre-Order (starting 10/31) here for $5.00 and receive the first single "Human?" immediately!  voodooprophet.bandcamp.com



 oct 12th - Voodoo Prophet to reunite with director Matt Crum for new "Human?" video!

                       Voodoo Prophet is proud to announce that the first music video from this year's "Human?" EP will see the guys reuniting with Director Matt Crum! Crum directed and filmed the music video for 2010's "Through This Night" off the "Automatic Throwdown EP". Over the past few years Crum has taken the L.A Film Scene by storm working on many top level productions, including a feature film with Fox. Filming is set to begin mid December.


sep 25th - Voodoo Prophet enlists ex-Machine Head guitarist/super producer Logan Mader for mastering of the new "Human?" Ep!

                   Chances are unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, or only listen to the classical stylings of modern greats like Adam Lambert, or Lady Gaga, you have heard something ex-Machine Head/Producer Logan Mader has worked on.  Some of Logan's recent projects have included Fear Factory's latest album "The Industrialist" and Gojira's "The Way of All Flesh" and "Sea Shephard (EP)". Previous projects include DevilDriver's fourth studio album "Pray for Villains", and Five Finger Death Punch's 2007 debut "The Way of the Fist". The guys are extremely happy to be working with Logan. Keep your eye on the page for updates about the new EP "Human?" set to release 11/13/12!



sep 22nd - Wow! Thank you Ride For Dime 2012!

                    Last night was awesome! We had a killer time throwing down with our brothers from SOiL, David Allan Coe, and all of you! Also want to thank Jose Mangin of Sirius/XM for jumping up and thrashing with us. Jose joined us on stage for "This Love" and "Walk" from our big Pantera set. Thank you Chad Lee (www.rockconcertfotos.com) for having us out. Hope to see you guys again next year! 



sep 1st- Happy Birthday Voodoo Prophet!

                   Today is our birthday! Come celebrate with us at the historic Exit/In at 2208 Elliston Place in Nashville! We will be sharing the stage with our good friends from Saint Jezebel. Drink specials, and photo ops galore! Don't forget to pre-order your Ride for Dime 2012 tickets! We're about 3 weeks out! Getcha Pull!


may 27th- Happy Memorial day from Voodoo Prophet!

                  It's easy to lose sight of the meaning behind our holidays. Memorial Day for example has become a staple for BBQ's and pool parties, but the real meaning is to remember those who have served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Here at the Voodoo Prophet camp we make absolutely NO bones about our support of the US Military, and Patriotism. We are 100% red, white, and blue blooded Americans and are proud to live in this country. We hope that all of you feel the same way!


may 26th- Thank you Trivium! Next stop RIDE FOR DIME 2012!

                   Last night's show with TRIVIUM was a blast! The historic Exit/In was bulging at the seams as it filled well up to capacity (and probably then some)! Take a look over at the Pics section of the site to see some "fan shots" sent in from the show. If any one of you crazed animals from the show caught some video please send it in! We'll put it up for you! Was great to see so many new faces out in the crowd. The band and crew love seeing friends and fans from past shows, but seeing new faces is always a rush! And there were a few hundred of those! From everybody here at the Voodoo camp THANK YOU! Now...onto the new! The guys' next show is Ride For Dime 2012' in Nashville, TN w/SoiL and David Allan Coe! This is going to be a killer show, as the boys are doing a mainly PANTERA SET! There will be some originals thrown in, but RFD is about the man with the Red Beard! We'd like to thank Chad Lee (www.rockconcertfotos.com) for having Voodoo Prophet on the historic Inaugural run in Nashville! Texas! We haven't forgotten about you! We're still waiting on final details for the dates in July we promised you! So until next time....METAL!



may 21st- Voodoo Prophet set to open for TRIVIUM in Nashville!

                  That's right sports fans! Friday May 25th, 2012 Voodoo Prophet will be taking the stage at 9PM in support of heavy metal supergroup TRIVIUM! Fresh off the release of their new full length album "IN WAVES" this one of show is sure to fulfill everyone's craving for Trivium! It's been nearly 3 years since the last time the band came through. The show will take place at the historic Exit/In under the production of Music City Booking (www.musiccitybooking.com) You don't want to miss this show! Not only is it going to be an intimate club show with Trivium, but also with Voodoo Prophet! Word has it the guys MAY be giving a preview of their Pantera set for the September 22nd Ride For Dime show with SoiL and D.A.C! Guess you'll have to come and see! Doors at 8PM, VP at 9! 18+ $15!!




april 28th- Voodoo Prophet takes over Sam Ash Nashville! Who likes free stuff???

                       Thursday May 24th, 2012 Voodoo Prophet will be taking over Sam Ash Nashville! The good folks at Sam Ash have asked Voodoo Prophet to break in their new live concert room METAL STYLE! The guys will be playing a full set of all your favorite tunes. You might even catch a preview of a Pantera song or two the guys will be playing at this year's RIDE FOR DIME! Keep your eye on the "Tour" page for further details! This will be ALL AGES and open to the public. Oh yeah...the free stuff! Voodoo Prophet will be passing out FREE copies of the two current singles "Drowning in the Flood" and "Everything is Broken" to anyone who attends! Also be sure to check out the "Blog" page for pics, videos, and reviews of our last show with SHADOWS FALL!



april 22nd- Shadows Fall, Texas, and Ride For Dime 2012!

                            It's shaping up to be a pretty BUSY and killer Summer for Voodoo Prophet! Our show with SHADOWS FALL in Nashville is going to be brutal this week! Stoked to be jamming with those dudes. We also just added a couple Texas dates in July, one of which with our brothers from THE SAMMUS THEORY! That one is going to be a barnburner! We can't talk about our Summer shows without mentioning RIDE FOR DIME 2012! We will be sharing the stage once again with SOiL and the immortal DAVID ALLEN COE! Going to be one hell of a time. Thank you Chad Lee of www.RockConcertFotos.com for hooking us up with the spot. We'll be doing a boatload of Pantera covers! But that isn't until September! Until then...come see us with Shadows Fall!! Click the flyer below for a link to tickets! They are only $15 and going fast! Getcha Sum!



april 16th- [Studio update] Tracking complete. Next stop Nashville.

                            Wow the last 12 days have flown by! We just finished the last bit of tracking and are loading the van up for the trek back home. We've been here since noon yesterday and it's 6AM now! Gotta throw back some Rockstar Energy Drinks and hit the road, we've got an 18 hour trip back to Nashville! We've had such a kick ass time up here in Westfield. We want to say thank you to everyone that was involved with making the last 12 days so killer. Eric, Jim, Maddy, and Joe, you are all great people and we can't thank you enough for everything you've done! Glad to have you all as part of the family, and honored to be part of the Zing client roster! So what's next for us? Sleep! Haha.

Our signatures aren't nearly as cool as TDWP. Ha.

                                 All stocked up for the trip back!


april 9th- [Studio update] Let there be SPLAWN!

                         Just started tracking guitars here at Zing. All that can be said about how it's going...LET THERE BE SPLAWN! We're so stoked to be using our Splawn Amps on the new EP. These things are complete BEASTS. On the top left is Voodoo's KT88 Nitro, on the top right is Arena's EL34 Quickrod. Both of these amps scream! We're going pretty Spartan on gear. Aside from the Splawn amps the only thing we're using to affect tone is a Maxon OD808 and Boss NS-2 Noise gate. No crazy rack units here! Oh...and V's 90's Hamer Standard Explorer w/EMG 85's. Just wait til you hear this tone...in fact don't wait! Take our word for it and go grab the best new amp out there! www.splawnguitars.com 

Splawn FTW!


april 7th- [Studio update] Drum tracking finished!

                        Quick update from the studio! Resident stick slinger Mike Malcom just finished up drum tracking! The tracks are sounding insane already, looking forward to hearing them after the guitars are tracked! For shells Malcom used a Noble and Cooley Maple kit (10,12,14,16,22), vintage Ludwig Supraphonic Snare, Zildjian cymbals, Pearl Demondrive kick pedals, and Evans heads. Enjoy the video clip and photo!



april 4th- Voodoo Prophet enters historic ZING RECORDING for new "Human" EP with producer ERIC ARENA

                     Today marks the start of tracking for VOODOO PROPHET's new "Human" EP which is set to release later this year. "Human" will be  the follow up to 2010's self-produced/released "Automatic Throwdown" EP which found radio play in many different FM and online radio markets across the US and abroad. This go around the guys decided to enlist the services of well known Western Massachusetts native ERIC ARENA (A Day To Remember, Within the Ruins) to run point on production duties. Along with the new producer, the band decided a change of scenery was in order, leaving their music-rich hometown of Nashville, TN to make the 1,200 mile trip to Westfield, MA home of historic ZING RECORDING. Zing has been a long time favorite recording spot for local artist/producer Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage, Times of Grace) and many other big names in the metal community such as All That Remains, The Devil Wears Prada, Unearth, Shadows Fall, and A Day To Remember just to name a few.

When asked why the band decided to leave Nashville to record the new EP, guitarist Myk "Voodoo" Ricci replied "We just felt it was time to make a change. We've recorded at some of the nicest and most historic studios on and around Music Row and just haven't gotten the product we were looking for. Nashville has a very specific "vibe" to recordings that come from its studios, and that vibe just isn't what we are looking for. We've kinda been chasing our tails trying to figure out how to capture that "sound" and then it just kind of hit us *face palm* go where the metal is. Ha. We're all huge fans of the albums that Zing has put out over the years so it just made since to go there. In past recording endeavors I have had to pull double duty being producer first, and artist second, which really limited my ability to 100% dedicate myself to either one. I'm really stoked to have someone like Eric on board to handle the producing so I can focus on what I really enjoy, which is playing guitar. We really feel this EP is going to be that final push to get us where we want to be ."

Tracking is set to wrap up on the 16th so be sure to check back often for updates from the studio!